Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church seeks to help our members be beacons of faith, hope and love in the world.

We each have our own story and call, passion about working for justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with God. Each person responds to Gods call by bringing their unique gifts to help further Saint Luke’s mission and outreach efforts locally and around the globe. Saint Luke’s is committed to investing both our time and our talents in partnership with organizations that help address systemic issues of food security, education, earth care, healthcare and poverty.

Mission and outreach is about partnership, not mere benevolence. Our mission partners around the world emphasize equipping local people to live sustainable, healthy and dignified lives. Our role is to be responsive in partnership by developing strong relationships with our partners and those with whom they seek to be in ministry, listening to what they need and supporting them as they lead.

If you would like to discover how you can join in serving God in the world through Saint Luke’s, click here to read through the Outreach 2017 brochure or please contact Shannon Dill, or use the form below.

For Summer 2019 Mission Experiences, please check out these opportunities: SUMMER 2019 MISSION OPPORTUNITIES.