Community Assistance Center

Community Assistance Center serves residents of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody communities who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis such as job loss or reduction of wages; high medical expenses, family separation or illness. The Center serves mostly the working poor although income loss, not income level is the qualifying criteria for service. Founded in 1987 by 8 area congregations as a way to centralize assistance to those in need, CAC has grown and is now supported by 28 member congregations of all faiths, businesses, schools, civic groups and individuals. CAC is a City of Sandy Springs agency, a Fulton County Human Services agency and a United Way agency. We also receive some state and federal funding. The Center is managed by a small staff and operated by a team of hundreds of volunteers who man all areas of the center 5 days a week. Since CAC was founded the center has touched 16,000 families in our community.

CAC works to meet basic human needs such as food, shelter, and clothing with the goals of helping individuals and families stay in their home, helping to reduce poverty and building stronger independent families and thus a more stable community. The Center does this by providing short term assistance to families or individuals facing an unexpected financial crisis, Assistance includes financial assistance (i.e. rent, utilities) and/or in-kind assistance (i.e. food, clothing, school and household supplies). We work with clients to address their immediate crisis, identify other available services or providers and guide them to CAC educational programs which offer additional skills that may help them sustain career and personal success for greater economic security.

Contact Information:

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1130 Hightower Trail
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Business (770) 552-4889  Helpline (770) 552-4015  Fax (770)552-4339

CAC is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
TAX ID #: 58-1825565