What’s worship like?

Worship at Saint Luke’s is described as traditional with a renewing warmth. You will hear a variety of instruments played: organs, pianos, guitars, trumpets, and harps. We sing from hymnbooks and special music. Worship is about an hour.  All are welcome!

We have two services with a wide range of Sunday School Classes for every age.
8:15am service in the chapel: This is a smaller, more intimate service, where we share communion every week.
9:15am-10:15am Sunday School for all ages.
10:30am service in the sanctuary: This is a larger gathering with choirs in our sanctuary.
Generally, the attire is business casual on Sunday mornings, but there is no dress code at the door. Come how you’d like and there will probably be someone in similar attire.

Letter from Senior Pastor regarding worship times through September 2017: Click here.

To get a little more acquainted, take a look at bulletin or listen to a past sermon.

What If I have kids?

If you have young ones we have some special things for you. They are always invited into church and we have special notebooks for each child that helps them engage in our worship experience. There is always a staffed nursery available. Your kids will feel comfortable and loved at Saint Luke’s. Click here for all the children’s ministry info about how the check-in process works for all our kids.

Anything else? 

Worship is just the start! It gives us a chance to take deep refreshing breaths–to listen for God’s voice, and to hear what ministries God is calling us toward.

Of course if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or send one of the pastors and email.

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