The Diaconate

The Saint Luke’s Diaconate shares Christ’s loves with members and friends through close personal relationships and activity participation in a range of care ministries.  Deacons are ordained church officers who follow in Christ’s footsteps as loving servants to walk beside members and friends through every stage of their lives.

Members of the Diaconate meet monthly on Sunday mornings to coordinate the activities of eight ministries:

Welcome to Worship shares Christ’s love with each and every Sunday morning arrival by staffing greeters who offer warm smiles, friendly handshakes, and answers to questions about our church and its ministries. Provides hospitality and an opportunity for fellowship by organizing a continental breakfast each Sunday.

Join Us at Saint Luke’s walks with individuals from the time they visit Saint Luke’s for the first time, to attending an Inquirers’ Class, then finally joining and becoming active members of the church.  Provides loaves of fresh bread as welcome gifts for first-time visitors at both Sunday worship services, communicates with each visitor that we are delighted they chose to worship with us by sending information packets and recording subsequent visits, then meets with participants in the Inquirers’ Class.  Connects these new members with the Saint Luke’s congregation, where together they will continue to know, serve, and share Jesus Christ.

Loving Care  provides special care to members in times of special needs; including meals on a temporary basis, companionship, prayer, transportation, and other services, as needed. Assists deacons with questions about obtaining Stephen Ministry services for their flocks.

Special Life Events helps deacons respond to special events in members’ lives; such as births, adoptions, baptisms, confirmations, and major anniversaries. Recognizes births or adoptions with roses on the pulpit, written keepsake notes, announcements in the bulletin, and coordination of the annual Red Rose Reception for new parents and their children. Coordinates the involvement of deacons in baptism.

Member Connections knits the community of Saint Luke’s together by helping deacons build closer relationships with members of their flocks, assists members in connecting with other members who have had experience in dealing with certain life issues, facilitates the startup of small groups, and identifies new opportunities for other committees and teams to connect members together.

Visiting Care Team provides fellowship, support, and opportunities for church involvement to members and friends who are unable to be present on the Saint Luke’s campus by organizing visits by team members. Schedules homebound communion by trained elders and deacons as a supplement, not in place of, homebound communion by the pastoral staff.

Your Deacon

Every Saint Luke’s family is paired with a Deacon.  Deacons stay in touch with members throughout the year, pray with and for them during times of both joy and challenge, and help coordinate care-providing resources both inside the church and outside the church.

Deacons offer members a great place to turn when they have questions about church activities and services or just don’t know where to go next.

Becoming a Deacon

Deacons are nominated and elected by Saint Luke’s members and serve three year terms.  Diaconate activities are coordinated by a Moderator and Vice Moderator in partnership with Associate Pastor Shannon Dill.

To learn more about joining this Ministry of Service, please email the Moderator.