Adult Sunday School Classes

Saint Luke’s adult Sunday School classes meet from 9:15-10:15 am each Sunday.  As Disciples of Christ, our Sunday School classes offer opportunities to continuously explore and grow your faith.   Come to Sunday School – it’s not just for kids!

Seasons of the Spirit – Room 231/233

This discussion class is bible based and follows the Revised Common Lectionary (the order readings often used in our weekly worship). The curriculum enables adults to study the same Scriptures which are frequently used in the worship service.

Seasons of the Spirit  is led by Mark Rogers.

House to House  – Room 203

In early times Christians worshiped in community in each other’s homes, and Christianity spread from House to House. In this class, we seek to spread the love of Christ from House to House within our congregation and community.

House to House is led by Bob Crutchfield, Jenny Troha, & Chip Williams.

Faith Foundations – Room 232

This class explores Scripture, Christian Belief, and our faith with the goal of growing as Christian Disciples.

Faith Foundations is led by Steve Cashwell, Ron Davis, Becky Loftis &  Mary Martin.

Soul Food…Finding Sustenance for Faithful Living in a Complicated World – Room 234/236

This class provides fellowship, study, and active discussion on a range of topics related to faith and spirituality in our lives.  Soul Food participants provide the topics that are discussed each week.

Soul Food  is led by Sarah Caverhill, Denis DuBois, Hannah Esther, & Dave Tharp.