Children on Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are filled with joyful noise at Saint Luke’s. Here’s why:

8:15 Worship

Younger children will enjoy playing in our nursery, while older children will enjoy the intimate worship setting, which includes “Tell Us Our Story”. Children of all ages will find worship notebooks and kid-friendly Bibles on the tables just outside our beautiful chapel.

9:15 – 10:15 Sunday School

We  have engaging Christian learning programs for all ages each Sunday morning! All our kids’ classes meet in Sheppard Hall, which is just off the main lobby.

Downstairs you will find our child care classrooms for children two and younger, staffed by our professional caregivers. Godly Play, our imaginative program for three’s, Pre-K, and Kindergarten, is located in Room 120. Your child will love the storytelling, creative activities, and singing.

Our elementary classrooms are upstairs in Sheppard Hall. First through fifth graders begin their morning together in The Dock for a time of worship and connecting. Since we later divide into smaller groups for learning and discussion, pick-up at 10:15 will be in the following locations:

1st Grade – The Harbor (Room 213)

2nd and 3rd Grades – The Dock (Room 212)

4th and 5th Grades – The Lighthouse (Room 209)

10:30 Worship

Child Care continues for younger children. We do encourage children to worship with us in the sanctuary, which is supplied with children’s worship bulletins and worship notebooks. “Tell Us Our Story” is eagerly anticipated each week by children of all ages.

Faithful Friends – During the school year (September through May) we have a worship exploration class that begins after “Tell Us Our Story” for children in PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade. Our Faithful Friends will love the “Whirl” lesson series, which keeps them busy learning about the Bible and about worship. Click here for more information about “Whirl”

This class meets upstairs in “The Harbor” (Room 213 of Sheppard Hall), and parents may pick up their Faithful Friends at the conclusion of 10:30 worship.

Child Care – Saint Luke’s provides child care for children each Sunday morning from 8:15 until 12:15. We hire screened, professional caregivers who love serving the families of our church. Nursery classrooms are all located in Sheppard Hall. We ask that parents complete an information/authorization form for each child so that we may be aware of special needs and allergies. Forms are available in sign-in notebooks and at the desk in Sheppard Hall.