ID tags
We take seriously the safety of our children and youth. That’s why we require that each adult volunteering in any class, program, trip, or other event receive instructions regarding our church policy on Child and Youth Protection AND undergo a criminal background check. In addition, depending on the age of your child we have policies regarding the pick-up of your child from classes and child care rooms.

For younger children we have a two-part numbered clip/bracelet ID set (as seen to your left).

For older children we issue SPLASH ID cards for parents to present to teachers at the conclusion of classes (as seen to your right).


Of course, we learn to know each other very well – but these measures add an additional “layer” of protection. If there is ever a reason that someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, please let us know in advance either by email or a note at drop-off. Thanks!

Authorization & Release Form

To allow your children to participate in our wonderful programs, we must have a completed Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church Children’s Programs Authorization & Release Form 2016-2017. Please complete the form and return to Liz Catlett or Catherine Anne Thomas in the Children’s Education office.

Children’s Communion Brochure

To help explain Children & Communion at Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church to our children, please reference this brochure:

Saint Luke’s Children’s Communion Brochure.