May is Saint Luke’s Realm Awareness Month

Tip #1: Log in to Realm. If you’ve never logged in to Realm, you should have received an email THIS MORNING with an invitation to join. Please follow the instructions so that you can get logged in and start enjoying all the benefits Realm has to offer. Or, click here for directions.

TIP #2: Check out your profile photo. We’ve been working hard to update profile photos, so log in (see Tip #1) and check them out! If you don’t have a profile photo, or would like to update yours, you can easily do so! Here’s how: On your profile page, put the cursor over the photo box and click on the edit tool. Then, simply follow the instructions. It’s easy – and photos are a great resource for all of us to get to know one another. After all, don’t we all enjoy going to a place where everyone knows our name?

Tip #3: Give or Pledge Through Realm. 

Online giving in Realm is super-easy and super-secure. There are two ways to pay: Bank Draft and Credit Card. Once you set up a payment method, you can use it for lots of things such as paying your pledge, registering for VBS, or paying for a season of FEAST. We encourage members to set up a recurring pledge payment in Realm using Bank Draft, as the processing fees are lower and the church saves money.  More – the process is as secure as if you were using your own bank!  You are the only person that sees the details of your credit card or bank account…no one else has access to that information. Currently, we have more than 70 families using Realm to pay their monthly pledge. If you’re not one of them…try it…we think you’ll like it! Simply log in to Realm and click on “Giving” on your profile page or click here.

Tip #4: Download the Realm App

Connect with and share what’s going on at Saint Luke’s anytime with the Realm Connect Mobile app! First, make sure you are a registered user (see Tip #1) and then simply download the app, install and log in. You’ll be able to access and update your profile, look up and message other members, RSVP to events, and manage your giving all from the convenience of your phone!