Saint Luke’s Deacons/Elders


Saint Luke’s Deacons help provide Congregational Care to our congregation.  Deacons are part of the Diaconate.  Each Deacon has their own Flock of members that they are responsible for.  Deacons are able to serve their flock in a variety of ways.  From coordinating meals for those in need, helping with continental breakfast on Sunday morning, greeting members and visitors as they come to church, or helping new members begin their journey at Saint Luke’s, our Deacons help make Saint Luke’s a warm and inviting place.

Effective June 1, 2019, our current Deacon Team/Committee Chairs are:

Kris Hull – Moderator & Helping Hands Team
Molly Naugher – Vice-Moderator & Member Connections
Ron Davis- Join Us Team
Emily Ritzler- Loving Care Team
Carol Waller- Special Life Events Team
Gena Spears- Visiting Care Team
Suzanne Thatcher- Welcome to Worship Team

Our Current Deacons are:

Class of 2020:

  • Thomas Brown
  • Karleen Buchholz
  • Jenny Cummiskey
  • Ron Davis
  • Mark Douglass
  • Kris Hull
  • Daryl Moore
  • Emily Ritzler
  • Suzanne Thatcher
  • Carol Waller
  • Nelson Cummiskey (Youth Deacon)
Class of 2021:

  • Marylyn Brown
  • Carol Hickey
  • Janis Jones
  • Alan Keel
  • Christy Keohane
  • Betsy King
  • Molly Naugher
  • Gena Spears
  • Steve Wassell
Class of 2022:

  • Tricia Bridges
  • Donna Crutchfield
  • Chas Davis
  • Lindy Farley
  • Janis Kilgore
  • David Strickland
  • Angela Thayer
  • Miles Young


Saint Luke’s Elders help run the ministries of the church and are responsible for maintaining the business side of the church.  Elders are part of the Session.

As of June 1, 2019, our current Elder Team/Committee Chairs are:

Kay Loerch – Clerk of Session
Julie Lee – Assistant Clerk of Session
J.J. Singley- Building & Grounds Committee
Bob Burroughs – Christian Education Committee
Leslie Hamlin – Commitment
Kelly Sloan – Evangelism & Communications Committee
Steve Thornton – Fellowship Committee
Brad Troha – Finance Committee & Commitment
Florence Luranc- Outreach Committee
Steve Cashwell- Technology Committee
Nael McCarty – Worship Committee

Our current Elders are:

Class of 2020:

  • Carol Ciepluch
  • Leslie Hamlin
  • Kay Loerch
  • Florence Luranc
  • JJ Singley
  • Kelly Sloan
  • Steve Thornton
  • Brad Troha
  • Casey Singley (Youth Elder)
Class of 2021:

  • Bob Burroughs
  • Steve Cashwell
  • Tracy Coffie
  • Val DeFriece
  • Matt Fogarty
  • Nael McCarty
  • Todd Parker
  • Kristen Wescott
Class of 2022:

  • Rosemary Armstrong-Burton
  • Sylvia Jackson
  • Julie Lee
  • Tom Mangum
  • Nancy Moore
  • Cathie Rogers
  • Dustin Waller
  • Justin Wilkes