Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church is GREEN

We take caring for God’s creation seriously at Saint Luke’s. Through our Green Team ministry, we actively engage in educating and offering opportunities for our community to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

We regularly offer educational events featuring noted speakers and host recycling events in our community.  And we practice what we preach on our church campus by undergoing energy audits, providing recycling containers throughout our facilities, and encouraging our members to do their part at home.

GREEN Team Tip of the Week:

 How to Lower Your Pet’s Environmental Impact

Sparky might be your best friend but he’s not exactly eco-friendly, as noted in this article by Care2. Things like non-biodegradable poop scoop bags and pet waste, kitty litter, pet food packaging, medications, and more lead to a high carbon paw print for your furry friend.

Does this mean you can’t be a pet owner and eco-conscious at the same time? Of course not! There are several ways to lower your pet’s environmental impact: