SLPC Medical Release

Please note: registration is now closed. If you’d like to go call Phil and he will see about getting you in. The sooner the better. 970-215-9041

Some details about this weekend:

1. Please be to Saint Luke’s by 5:30 pm Friday. Eat before you come. We will pack up quickly and leave. We will return around 12:00 pm on Sunday.
2. Please get in your paperwork. If you can drop it by the church today or tomorrow, it makes life easier than trying to organize everyone’s paperwork and get packed up. All Paperwork and payments are due to Liz Catlett by October 20th.
3. You won’t need any money. Everything is provided while we are away.
4. If you need anything, please call Phil. 970-215-9041.
5. Packing list:
–Clothes for chilly mornings and warm afternoons. Looks like it’s going to be a great weekend.
–bedding for twin size bunk. (sleeping bag or sheets and blanket.) don’t forget your pillow too.
–Bible and notebook.
–Snack to share with the group
–small backpack to carry a coat/sweatshirt, water bottle, etc. in.
–any medications you need. Please contact Phil ahead of Friday regarding how your family would like that handled.
–you do not need your phones, and we will be leaving them in our cabins during group times. There will be limited times where phones will be allowed. Seriously, you don’t need it, and I challenge you to go a whole weekend without it. See if you can do it. If you need it to fall asleep at night, I understand that.